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Capacity to Grow

I believe that one’s capacity to grow is directly associated with one's openness to grow. The opportunity to do so can be presented in a number of ways; broadening your network, formulating new thoughts through reading and research, and continued education, training or certification.

Growth can come in different forms. One of the ways this can happen is through broadening your network. This could be joining an organization focused in an industry or area of interest or joining a meet-up with like minded enthusiasts - opening the door to conversations that can expand your views. It could also be attending a social or networking event that could help grow your business or your contact list.

Another way that growth can be achieved is through focused reading on a subject. Learning through reading and even note taking can be a valuable way to retain information. Taking this a step further and doing research using a number of different sources can allow you to cross reference what you’ve learned and allows for a more comprehensive approach in using reading to grow in an area. With the convenience of books on audio, this is a great way to gain more understanding of a topic on the go. It’s also true that some retain information better by hearing it, then reading it.

If you find that your time and schedule can accommodate, going back for additional education or training can be a great way to grow. In doing so you can benefit from meeting new people. And, what many are seeking, an increase in salary, revenue or promotion. Certifications can also be a great way to advance in an area. Generally, the time frame of completion is in a matter of weeks but the end results can yield significant value.

If you're living, it’s likely you're also learning and growing whether directly or indirectly. Having an openness to growing through networking, reading or additional education can produce unlimited benefits. Consider taking some time over the next couple of months to evaluate ways you can continue to grow. I’m certain you’ll find the reward will be invaluable.

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