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I’m Fierce and Fabulous, I’m a Women

I love being a woman! If you ask me to try to be more specific, it would be tough to narrow it down, but I’d say it’s because I’m able to lean into my femininity, while mastering how to use my masculine energy. I have a keen intuitive sense and I absolutely adore the variety within women’s fashion.

If you ask me, there’s nothing like being a woman. When it comes to learning to balance my feminine energy, consisting of my sensitivity, nurturing and compassionate spirit with my masculine energy, consisting of willpower, clarity, and focus. The key is finding a nice balance. As a woman, I feel it’s important that I lean into both sides. However, I’m mindful to allow the softer side of me shine!

Since a young child I’ve always been very intuitive. I recognize this is one of my superpowers and it’s been very useful in my personal and professional life. I remember my maternal grandmother telling me that all women have it, some are just more in tune with it than others. I can’t say I always follow my intuition but what I can say is there is always this knowing inside me when I don’t.

To know me is to know my passion for fashion. I’ve been told I have a timeless, sophisticated style and I’ll take that. I have an appreciation for all types of fashion, even styles I may not wear personally. I think fashion is meant to compliment your personality and personal style. There are endless possibilities with women’s fashion and I absolutely love that. You can go from sporty, to couture, to edgy, to vintage, to classic and everythIng in between.

I can be sensitive one minute and sassy the next. I can be laser-focused one minute and daydreaming the next. I can be leading meetings in the boardroom and cooking a favorite meal for my family the next. All of these are true for me and I embrace each one of them. To all my fierce and fabulous women, Happy Women’s History Month!

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