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The Blossoms of Life

The full bloom of a flower represents the culmination of a process that started first with the planting of a seed. Similar to a flower, life also has a way of bringing into bloom areas where we nurture and allow growth. This could be within your finances, a personal or professional goal, or in your relationships.

Speaking from experience, I’m also happy when I set out to achieve a financial goal and reap the rewards of meeting it. It always helps me when I have a specific number in mind and I have a specific focus. For example, wanting to take a vacation, paying off credit cards from holiday shopping or wanting to increase my savings or other investments. Discipline has always been proven to be my best friend for my financial goals and each time I meet it, I am always so grateful for the benefits I get to reap.

Another area where planting a seed and being rewarded by a beautiful bloom is in our personal or professional aspirations. Recently, I have been giving my attention to some new professional endeavors, and watching them blossom before my eyes has been such a great feeling. I’ve been appreciating the different stages and all the things I’m learning along the way.

With one of the new endeavors I’m embarking on, finding the right supportive time has been key to helping me bring this new venture to life. Over the past several years, I’ve cultivated various relationships. I’ve always believed that finding people that are great at what they do, who also match your greatness at what you do, always equals GREAT! I’m so gracious to have people in my corner that believe in me. It makes a big difference.

Life is what we make it. You can create a beautiful bouquet of experience. This could be in your finances, in an area of your personal or professional endeavors, or even in your relationships. The first step, just planting that seed and staying consistent in the process. On the other side is something so amazing.

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