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Time, Our Greatest Commodity

As the old saying goes, “time waits for no one”. We all get the exact same 24 hours in a day. The question is, what is your time spent on? Having a moment to reflect on this will give clarity to whether you are productive, fulfilled, balanced and/or honest about how your time is being spent.

At one point in my life, I’d manage my schedule mostly in my head. For the most part, I was able to manage my time and meet my deadlines, however over time I’ve found that it’s necessary for me to write things down on a to-do list and keep up with the appointments, meetings, invitations and family commitments on my calendar. This helps me avoid overbooking and over committing.

You’ll often find me saying that I live a fulfilled life. It’s because I enjoy what I do professionally and I make time for the things I enjoy personally. One of those things is getting together with friends or family for brunch. I always enjoy a great meal and when your company is complimented by the perfect ambiance, makes for a winning combination.

It’s important that there be balance in how you approach your day. This is something I continue to work at. While I’ve been told I’m a workaholic, I just see that I’m very dedicated to what I do. That said, I do believe balancing my time is important. I’ve found that my commitment to working out 3 mornings a week has been very beneficial in finding the balance. I’m able to maintain high energy during my work day, while still having enough gas in the tank to enjoy leisure time later in the day.

Time is truly our greatest commodity and how we spend it is a very personal choice. There are loads of ways to approach this, but whatever way you choose, learning to manage your time can support you living a more fulfilled and balanced life.

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